About Us

Welcome to the Little family at Blair's Boutique! 

We are a creative family that needed an outlet for our creations.

Meet Audrey! She is the founder of this adventure. Being a mom of 2, she wanted to provide a space for her family to create. First, Idle Nomad was born, with Audrey venturing into starting a gift shop inside a local bar on Topsail Island in 2021. She always loved the last scene at the end (spoiler alert!) of Bourne Identity when he found her in a beach shop. So romantic and looked so fun! Dreams do come true!

Life threw a wrench in the works, so she moved business to the next town over. After being in a rough location, doing some markets, and few more hard life lessons, Audrey found a new location in Surf City, NC at the beginning of 2023. Thankful for the love and support of friends and family, and the will to persevere, Blair's Boutique was born!

Now, as a family, we are running Blair's Boutique and making products for our Idle Nomad brand on the side. We have some amazing ideas for the future, and Blair's Boutique will be the place to be. Triton Village Shopping Center in Surf City is a one-stop-shop on the mainland. Morning, day, or night, there is something for the whole family to check out from the diverse array of small business.